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Our Reconditioning service ensures that your heat exchanger plates are restored to peak operating condition with a minimum of downtime. We are able to offer reconditioning and new gaskets for many popular brands such as: ALFA-LAVAL, APV, name but a few .

The Process

  1. Gasket removal: to allow thorough cleaning.
  2. Chemical cleaning of plates to remove deposits from heat transfer surface.
  3. Inspection for stress cracks and corrosion using a highly sensitive dye penetrant and ultra violet light.
  4. Re-gasketing new gaskets are fitted to the inspected plates.
  5. Final inspection prior to shipping.
  6. 35 hours emergency service up to 300 plates.

All gaskets delivered by Serve-tech engineering are manufactured at the highest food standard in NBR, EPDM, VITON.

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